Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

We had my husband's family over for the usual 4th of July BBQ. It was a good time of fun and fireworks. I just have to wonder however, what it is about fireworks that gets guys so fired up. Here's some pictures of what I mean.

In the first photo, we are all relaxing, chatting etc. In the next one, some fireworks get brought out and all the guys are up out of the chairs trying to get in on the

action. My sister in law was hiding in the house. :-) You can see from the photo, my daughter is in on the action too, but has her ears covered in case it gets too loud.

So I guess it's true that in some ways we never grow up.

Hope you all had a great 4th


Pammy J said...

Hi LeAnne! Glad to see that you've decided to enter the world of blogging! I was cracking up at all your posts!! I'm also glad that you decided to share your blog with us. It's a fun way to keep everyone updated. Regarding guys and fireworks: Brent says that guys just like blowing things up. And I think they're all secretly pyros. ;) Hehe. Talk to you later...

denise said...

It's funny how the little kids were still hanging out and not scared of the fireworks, but your SIL had to hide inside :)