Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everyone else is doing it and why Oochakitty

I have several family members who all blog including my hubby. He recently said, "You should start a blog too." I responded, "I have nothing to say". But that is not actually true. I have plenty to say because I talk all the time. I should have said, I have nothing thought provoking or interesting to say. So I am going to blog about nothing, and I may or may not tell anyone about it, so there will probably be no one reading it. Hey but at least I get a chance to say everything I want about nothing.

So why is my blog called Oochakitty. Oochakitty is the name of my cat, who is now 12 years old. We got her as a 4 month old kitten at the local kitty shelter. I thought she looked just like a cat I had when I was younger, named Daisy. So I named her Daisy, which lasted about 5 minutes. My hubby, who is famous for coming up with silly names and sayings, started calling her "Oocha". So it eventually evolved to Oochakitty, and the name "Daisy" went by the wayside. It is nice for a handle because no one else has ever used that, so it works well. So don't start copying it now.

Oochakitty is a pretty nice cat. She has handled 3 moves with only a little bit of whining, much less whining than the rest of us. She is very soft and nice to cuddle with when she lets me do it. And she has put up with all 3 of my kids through babyhood, 3 dogs, and of course my hubby. He has gotten nicer over the years out of respect for her age, but some of our family will never forget K putting the cat on top of the door, or on top of the plant shelf in the living room, just to see if she could get down. Or giving her a "swirly" when she is getting too frisky. He has never ever hurt her, just some kind teasing to let her know that he is boss. But she knows the real boss is....Oochakitty of course.

Soon I will post a picture of her when I figure out how to add pictures to this blog!

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DrDan said...

You are a good writer.