Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthdays and the Fiesta Bowl

We're almost there!  Prior to Thanksgiving every year, I take a deep breath, and start running (and spending).  So do  most other people.  But at our house, the running (spending) doesn't stop until February.     You see, we have a unique situation in our family. A significant portion of birthdays fall between Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I should count....let's see, 12 birthdays, between our immediate family, my family and my husband's family....yes.  12 birthdays.  And four of them are in my own immediate family. 

So today is Alex's birthday.  We celebrated in a quiet way on Monday.  Alex isn't the type to demand a huge party with friends or Chuck E. Cheese or whatever, so we took advantage and celebrated during the Fiesta Bowl.  My husband and father in law are huge BSU fans and were committed to watching the Fiesta Bowl with Dad's new projector that he got for a great deal on Black Friday.  And I am fairly practical. I figured, why do the cleaning up and hard work of a party two nights in the same week? So I combined it, and invited all our local relatives over to celebrate Alex's birthday AND watch the Fiesta Bowl.  Alex didn't seem to mind. He loved opening his presents during halftime and eating his cupcakes.  For the record, we did turn the sound down on the game while we sang "Happy Birthday" and he opened his presents. 

It was a fun evening, and great that BSU won!  Go Broncos!  It was even more special to celebrate my dear son turning 5 years old.  Such a big boy now, I can't believe it.  It was especially nice of certain of our family members to come celebrate even though they probably could care less about BSU football.  Thank you!

Just a few more birthdays left. (deep breath) Here I go!