Monday, June 27, 2011

Adventure #3 Free Walks to the Park

So since my last post we have been having a few busy weeks. Now I am catching up.  We have had several small adventures and a couple of big ones in that time, and as well I want to share a few random thoughts.  So here goes.

Adventure #3 (Free!)
We went on a couple of walks down to a local park and the river walking path last week.  Our 14 year old Maggie only went reluctantly but I have photo proof that she had some fun.  We brought our big flying disk on one walk and the other one we had a chance to check out some flood damage!

On our way

I'm gonna get it!

Maggie, proof that she was having fun.

Largo, our dog was worn out after we got to the park!

The river has been high lately so part of the walking path is flooded as you can see by this photo. Usually the river bank is out beyond the brush in the background.

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